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MSBI Training (SSIS, SSAS, SSRS) Syllabus:

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  • SQL Server database Overview.
  • Different Types of Keys (PK and FK)
  • What is DDL, DML
  • Data Types
  • What are Constraints (Identity, Unique, Check, NULL, Default)
  • Aggregates
  • Where
  • Group by
  • Having
  • Temp tables
  • Table Variables
  • Select, Distinct, Top, (Ranking, Scalar Functions, Date Functions)
  • Joins
  • Sub Queries
  • Views
  • CTE
  • Cursor
  • Stored Procedures
  • User Defined Functions (String, Table value, Cross Apply)
  • Triggers
  • Introduction to SSIS Packages
  • Introduction of (BIDS) and Explanation of All tool boxes, Solution Explorer, Package
  • variables
  • Import and Export Wizard, Control Flow and Dataflow tasks
  • Control Flow tasks like Execute SQL Task, BULK insert tasks, File System tasks , The
  • FTP Task
  • Dataflow tasks and transformations introduction
  • Data sources, Data transformations, Copy column Transformation, Derived Column
  • transformation, Conditional Split and Aggregate Transformation, Sort
  • Transformation and Data Viewers.
  • Slowly Changing Dimension (SCD) Concepts and its Transformations.
  • How to implement Check points.
  • SSIS Package Deployment and Package Management like how to schedule package,
  • DTUtil and DTExec command.
  • Introduction to Data Warehousing, OLTP, OLAP
  • Understanding Dimension Modelling
  • Creating Data source and Data source views
  • Creating the Cube through Wizard and through UDM.
  • Creating Dimensions and Measures in SSAS and how to add those in Cube.
  • Partitions and Aggregations Design in cube and Processing Options in cube.
  • What is Build, Deploy and process in cube?
  • How to do Slice and Dice in the Cube.
  • How to retrieve the data in Cube i.e. Through MDX.
  • Different Options for Deploying a Cube.
  • How to take the report from Cube in Excel
  • What is the Terminology involved in SSRS, SSRS Architecture and how to configure
  • SSRS?
  • What is Shared Data source and How to Create an Ad-hoc Report from Wizard.
  • Creating Expressions and Conditional Formatting.
  • How to Calculate Total and Percentage and how to create Drill-Down reports.
  • Creating Report Parameter and Debugging Parameter issues.
  • How to create a Basic Matrix Report, Tablix Report and Charts.
  • How to Create a Standard and Data-driven Subscription and managing subscriptions.
  • Managing Reports, Security and how to use Web-based Report Manager.
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